Rules You Should Follow When You Order Digital Prints

This digital era has simplified our lives in so many ways, of which the online way of shopping is significant. People prefer the online way of shopping for anything and everything and therefore, shopping for your prints the online way is nothing surprising. But, no matter whether you prefer printing your photos on the canvas or druck auf alu, there are certain rules to be followed while ordering your digital prints so that it not only makes things easier for the specific photo print service but also makes things easier for you!

  • A quality image

If you expect your digital prints to be of certain quality then, obviously, the source you provide should be of certain quality, as no photo print service can magically produce the quality on any print media when the source picture is poorer. It is true that certain print media can brilliantly produce the quality of an image, but, understand, it can happen only when the image is of a certain quality, that is of certain PPI, no blur, and proper lighting. Therefore, remember this every time before you expect a dazzling outcome from the photo print service.

  • A ready-to-print picture

The work of the digital photo print service is to produce your print on the desired media, perfectly! Therefore, you shan’t expect them to Photoshop your image, which is certainly not their duty, unless and until specified otherwise by the service. Therefore, your job is to send them a ready-to-print picture and not a picture to be corrected or Photo shopped, which you should never forget while willing to deal with a photo print service.

  • The suitable size

Not every size is suitable for every print media and that is why the photo print service dealing with these specific print mediums might expect you to order the photo print of suitable size value, which you ought to adhere to enjoy the quality print outcome, appreciably!