How to Use the Shopping Experience to Educate Children?

Shopping can be fun. Shopping can be therapy. Shopping can be an escape from the boring reality. It can be so many things for so many people but can shopping be education? Even the best life quotations cannot prepare you for what parenthood really brings to your life. When you have a little kid at home you would be surprised at how even the simplest of occasions turn out to be wonderful opportunities for children to learn something new. Shopping can also be used as a wonderful chance to teach kids lots of cool things. In fact, rather than learning from the books when they get to see, pick and explore things in their hands they tend to learn quickly and easily.

Teach them colors

The produce section is the best place to teach them colors. You could invent plenty of fun games when you are out shopping with your kids. Tell them to find something that says, ‘orange’ or something that is ‘yellow’. This can be a fun treasure hunt that also teaches your kids colors.

Teach the older kids to read

For the older kids who are just beginning to learn how to read, allow them to read the names on the products. Or make them read the items on the list.

Identify the objects

Teaching kids the names of fruits and vegetables, as well as other groceries, can be a fun way to introduce the concept of identifying various objects. You could even read out the name of an item on your list and allow your kid to walk through the isles to find the item.

When you venture into these fun teaching strategies while shopping you might end up spending more time than required. But the whole experience would be more fun and you would find your kids less cranky and more involved in helping you.