Everything You Need for a Fun at-home Girls Birthday Party

Remember the real fun of indoor birthday celebrations with your cousins and friends when you were a kid. Your house was almost filled with golden or silver colored streamers and balloons and you were dressed like the unbeatable star of the day. So, how about planning a birthday celebration at home by skipping the off-site expensive party for your little one.

The steps you need to consider include

  1. Pick up their favorite theme. Once you have opted for the required theme, then the can give the order or even bake the dream cake for yourself. Nowadays, little girls prefer the cartoon characters and wish to get these shape and color in their cakes too. Apart from this butterfly, caterpillars and even the princess cakes are gaining the popularity.
  2. Designing the invitation card. Involve your kid in making the fabulous and theme-related cards with all the glitters, glue sticks and stickers. Plain cards of different shades are available in almost all the craft store and you can either the celebration details or get it printed out from your digital printer.
  3. Be ready to keep them busy all throughout the party. To handle these energetic stars, offer them pretty easy initial activities like playing with dough or clay modeling items, bubble making or make them enjoy the homestay inside the Kids Teepee Tent for Kids. You can also get some crazy ideas to keep them engaged like cutting out different themed shapes like fishes or so from the invitation cards itself thereby creating an eco-alternative scheme.
  4. Savor the sweet surprises. Let the birthday table be arranged with the center styled icing cake, chocolate muffins, colored candies, cookies and so on. Further, you can green up your celebration by using biodegradable paper plates, napkins or so.
  5. Choosing the attire. Be ready with the princess dress for the birthday girl and do not forget to gift her with the things she really wishes to get.