Toys that make a good investment in 2018

If you are looking for a new way to invest some money in 2018, you might like to consider investing in some toys. It can be hard to find any toys which might become collectible, as everything is becoming more mass produced. Here, we will take a look at some classic toys which are a great investment if you can find them at the right price.

Star Wars is a franchise which is always popular – with children as well as adults and toy collectors. Therefore, if you can find original Star Wars toys in excellent condition, they are sure to be worth some money. The market for these toys is huge too, meaning you shouldn’t have a problem selling them as long as they are in good condition and priced appropriately.

Toys which remind us of childhood can also be a good investment. Some of them remain popular today, although they are much less valuable than the originals. Some examples of great investment pieces include classic Hot Wheels cars and Barbie dolls.

Some trading cards can also be a great investment, although you have to know what you are looking for as many are worthless. Look for first edition cards which weren’t mass produced, and ensure they are in great condition. Cards which have been folded or which have the corner missing are worth a fraction of the price of the same card in mint condition. Even some rare Pokemon cards can be worth serious money.

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