How to Choose a Healthy Puppy From a Good Dog Breeder

So it is time to pick up a member into your family and it is a puppy. Exciting enough and to make it more exciting you should always go for a healthy puppy. There are some things that you can check and get a healthy puppy only from the breeder.

#1 Consider The Price

This is the factor that can quickly reveal a lot about a pup. If you get a puppy at a low price, then it is a sign that something is not right. Puppies that come cheaper than an average cost may have several health issues. Sod cutting on cost is not an option you should go with.

#2 Examine The Body

Secondly, look for your pup’s body, look at the structure. It should look strong and firm. Make sure you do not pick up a bony or skeleton looking pup. Pick up a healthy one.

#2 Check The Coat

A puppy is healthy if its coat seems shiny and clean. Look out for any spots that are hairless. If you encounter these spots, then stay away from that one. These hairless spots are allergies and it is better if you don’t go with that one.

#3 Look Out Eyes, Nose, And Ears

Always check his eye, nose, and ears too. The eyes should be clear and free from any dirt or disturbance. The nose should not be runny, and the ears should be clean inside. Check if any smell is coming from ears or if he scratches them often.

#4 Look For Stools

A stool can give you a clear idea about a pup’s health. Always check his stool before finalizing. A stool should be hard or firm and it should not be like diarrhea. Also, check if he often licks his genitals because it means an infection there. Also, if you are always concerned about your pug or bulldog, then you can check PorkyPaws and get the best harnesses here.…