What are the criteria for the perfect bed for your pet?

Given that there are so many options available in dog beds how do you know which one to choose? Dog cushions are long term investments and these would be useful even when the dog grows old. The dog might love having the same mattress for years. So, here are some considerations to help you pick a good dog bed:

Choose the right size

The dog mattress should be neither too large nor too small. If you choose a very large cushion for a tiny puppy so that the same could be used as it grows the puppy might feel a little insecure in it. Mattress that are of the right size would help make the dog feel snug and secure. If you have a large sized dog there are special do cushions designed for the larger breeds.

Special dog beds

For the older dogs and the dogs with bone and joint disorders there is special dog mattress available. These are recommended by the vets because they can reduce the dog’s struggle to some extent and promote a better sleep. Some high rise mattress is available in the market and these should in general be avoided for older dogs and tiny puppies as they might be difficult to climb on to. A right sized mattress to shield them from the cold would be sufficient.Heated Dog Beds are also available for those residing in extreme cold conditions.


Ensure that you look at how easy the chosen cushion is to maintain. Remember that the dog bed would surely get messy. Even if you have a well-trained dog accidents are prone to occur and so you would have to look for a mattress that is easy to clean. Cleaning it regularly also would make sure that you offer a clean sleeping place for the dog and thus help prevent infections.…