Health: Are natural and organic cosmetics better for you?

In selecting a product that would help you obtain the best result, it is expedient that you take some time out to check what the desired product is made of. And when it boils down to a product that would be used on your skin, you surely wouldn’t like to take my chances.  So I put forward this question: Are natural and organic cosmetics better for you?

Well if I were to be your mouthpiece, I would give a resounding YES. But speaking for myself, I believe [and I am convinced] that organic natural cosmetics are better than the synthetic options. My reasons I will certainly share right about now.

Benefits of natural and organic cosmetics

The reasons for answering in the affirmative are highlighted in the following points:

  • No irritation

Come to think of it virtually, of the conventional cosmetics out there are infused with chemicals, and these (chemicals) could cause  skin irritation or even cause the skin to age faster. On the contrary however, organic cosmetics are really gentle on the skin; they help you realize a gorgeous look without causing skin irritation.

  • Environmentally safe

Since they do not usually contain chemicals, natural organic cosmetics have been found to be ecofriendly; they do not portend danger to those using them or anyone who finds him-/her-self around the user.

  • Natural fragrance

To stay fresh and smell natural, organic cosmetics are still the best – they are free from cancer causing parabens and artificial perfume. This is one of the reasons why I use Primitive Outpost as my aftercare.


This point may not be connected to how valuable the product is but the truth needs to be told: you do not have to ‘break the bank’ to look good. Natural organic cosmetics are less costly than the conventional chemical-based ones. You can even decide to go for some homemade (organic) cosmetics.…